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Friday, December 16, 2016

If you are starting a new business you will likely need a business attorney to create legal documents for your new company. Legal services vary a lot and it's important to choose a business lawyer that has both experience and a good reputation. The last thing you want is for your legal documents to be done incorrectly or to arrive late. If you are going into a business with a partner it will be important for both of you to choose legal services together. By choosing an attorney that is experienced in business paperwork you will ensure the correct paperwork is filed on time and in the appropriate agency.
Business legal services are handled by a legal attorney specializing in business. You can find a business lawyer by searching the yellow pages of your phone book, through legal aid, by asking other businesses who they use, and through schools of law. Ideally you want to ask a business attorney a list of questions that you create before going to your appointment. The type and amount of questions you should bring with you will depend on the type of business you are starting and the amount of knowledge you have in the license, insurance, and partner requirements for the business.
Be prepared to spend money for the legal services you expect. Business legal services can be expensive, and a good business lawyer will typically cost more than a new business attorney that just graduated from law school. It is a good idea to always pay for your business legal services by check so you have a record of the amount of money spent. Also, you may be able to claim the cost as a business expense at tax time so make sure to keep record. If you have a business partner make sure that the partner is keeping record of his expenses also.
An alternative to a business attorney is a document preparer agency. They are less expensive and can generally fill out the exact paperwork that your attorney would but for much less money. A down side to this is that a document agency cannot give you legal advice so you would be on your own if you do not understand the legal responsibility you hold for any documents you need to turn in.
It is always recommended to consult an experienced business attorney that can provide your small business legal advice that you can trust and base on in your various business endeavors.
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